Kevin Spacey Now Facing Another Sexual Assault Investigation


Oh, how the mighty have fallen.

Less than a year ago, Kevin Spacey was a respected, garlanded actor, one of the most well regarded performers working in mainstream film. Now, after facing multiple accusations of sexual assault, he’s widely despised, with his last effort, Billionaire Boys Club, having an opening night of just $126. Today, you can add another bit of bad news to the growing Spacey misery mountain, as the Los Angeles County District Attorney has announced they’re reviewing a new sexual assault case.

This is on top of a case that’s currently already under review, alleging that Spacey was involved in a nonconsensual sexual encounter with a male adult back in October of 1992 in West Hollywood. There’s no word on whether the second case is connected to the first, though the L.A. County Sheriff’s Department handed over papers to the DA yesterday, so we should expect to hear pretty soon if criminal charges are to be filed against the actor.

And these are just the Californian cases. Spacey’s also being investigated in relation to alleged incidents in Connecticut and for multiple claims of sexual assault in London during his time as Creative Director of the Old Vic theatre.

Kevin spacey

It sounds as if the special task force investigating nonconsensual sexual activity in Tinseltown is going to have its hands busy for a while yet, too, as there’s a mountain of allegations from young actors who claim they’ve been sexually exploited by Hollywood bigwigs to work through, and though CBS boss Les Moonves, Gossip Girl actor Ed Westwick and WME agent Adam Venit have escaped charges, they’re still reviewing new claims against Steven Seagal, Anthony Anderson and (who else?) Harvey Weinstein.

It seems like cleaning the crud out of Hollywood is a task on par with Hercules cleaning out the Augean stables, and probably just as pleasant smelling. As always, though, watch this space for more on both Kevin Spacey and the rest of the sexual assault cases that are floating around Hollywood at the moment.