Killer doll M3GAN outs herself as a dedicated Swiftie

'M3GAN' director says reshoots to land PG-13 rating actually made film more scary
Image: Universal

She may be an artificially intelligent doll with a horrid killing streak, but M3GAN just became a little bit more of an American sweetheart following her revelation that she, like the rest of the world, cannot get enough of Taylor Swift and her Midnights album. 

In her confession-filled Reddit AMA, where fans could ask her just about anything, M3GAN was questioned if she was a fan of Swift, and what album of hers she’d call a favorite. 

It’s only been a week since she debuted in theaters, but M3GAN has already become a fan favorite, and her hilarious social media antics continue to solidify her as a formidable online presence. The film follows the titular AI doll, who becomes self-aware and goes to seriously extreme lengths to protect the bond between her and her human, Cady. 

Midnights was released to critical acclaim in October, 2022 and broke a number of records along the way, so of course it made its way into the horrific world of M3GAN. It’s no wonder that she’d highlight “Vigilante Shit” and “Mastermind,” Swift’s songs with an antagonistic edge, as well as the ever so camp track “Bejeweled” as the songs that speak to her.

With over $50 million earned at the box office so far, against a $12 million budget, the satirical horror flick by Akela Cooper and Gerard Johnstone is already a commercial success. The film has also received praise from critics and audiences alike, and a sequel is already in development.