New King Of The Monsters Clip Shows Off Godzilla’s Burning Form

Godzilla: King of the Monsters

After lying low for over half a decade, the world’s most terrifying kaiju is coming out of hibernation. Godzilla: King Of The Monsters is just days away, and fans all over the globe can’t wait to see the beast from the east on the big screen. Seeing as how it already had its red carpet premiere, Warner Bros. Pictures has been dropping a steady stream of clips and trailers, and a recently released promo is teasing a familiar look for the gargantuan monster.

As shared by, a new international clip (which we can’t embed here, unfortunately, so you’ll have to head there to check it out) has been making the rounds, which features plenty of impressive visuals and some equally epic music. A few observant viewers have honed in on a brief section towards the end of the video though, which shows the titular kaiju stomping on the ground. In contrast to other trailers and clips, his foot looks a bit different here – it’s completely bathed in red, and it seems as if lava (or some other substance) is bubbling underneath the surface of his skin. Shortly after, we’re treated to a shot of him roaring towards a dark red sky, as Godzilla lights up in a similar color.

Taking this new clip into account, a few diehard fans of Toho Studios have pointed out that in past films (namely, Godzilla vs. Destoroyah) the world-famous monster absorbed a large amount of radiation from a uranium deposit, which caused him to morph into Burning Godzilla. It’s one of his most powerful transformations, and since it’s been hinted at in other promotional videos, many are assuming that the new and improved look will be making an appearance.

Of course, this is all just speculation for now, but we won’t have to wait much longer to see if it holds true. Godzilla: King Of The Monsters is set to release on May 31st, and we’re hoping that the Burning form will be shown off in all its glory.