Matthew Vaughn Reveals What He’d Do To Get Taron Egerton The MCU Wolverine Role


Taking over for Hugh Jackman as Wolverine will be a tall task for whoever ultimately ends up getting the part. Fans have their own opinions as to who they think should end up succeeding the Academy Award nominee, and it turns out, so does writer/director Matthew Vaughn. The man behind the Kingsman franchise is a little more qualified to speak on the subject than most, too, considering that he broke into the mainstream by directing X-Men: First Class, as well as crafting the story for the sequel X-Men: Days of Future Past.

Apparently, Vaughn agrees with Mark Millar that Taron Egerton should be the next Wolverine when the character joins the MCU. This isn’t terribly surprising either, as the director has a lot of experience working with the young actor, who’s been at the forefront of every installment of the successful Kingsman franchise.

When recently asked about the 29-year-old potentially getting the part, Vaughn said:

“God yeah. I mean, yeah why not? Listen, I would ask for Mr. Jackman’s blessing and permission because Hugh is the man, and if I ended up doing another X-Men and get Wolverine, actually whomever I cast I’d only do it with Hugh’s blessing.”

Of course, just because Vaughn wants this to happen it doesn’t mean that it will. While Egerton would certainly be a good choice, there’s always a chance that the role could go to a completely different performer instead, like Daniel Radcliffe or Dacre Montgomery. It’s also possible that Jackman could decide to return to the part that helped put him on the map. Though that seems pretty unlikely at this stage. Either way, this is definitely a storyline that fans are going to want to keep their eyes on.

Vaughn’s next project, The King’s Man will be released on February 14th, 2020. And hopefully by that point, we’ll know who the next Wolverine will be. If you’re hoping for someone other than Egerton to snag the role though, be sure to let us know your pick by dropping a comment below.

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