Kit Harington’s Debut As Black Knight In The Eternals Could Lead To Bigger Things

Game of Thrones

Over the weekend, we learned that, fresh off Game of Thrones season 8, Kit Harington is joining the MCU. He’ll make his debut in next year’s The Eternals as British superhero Dane Whitman AKA Black Knight. Little is known about how Harington’s character will fit into the movie, but Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige has now teased that this could lead to bigger things for the actor in the MCU going forward.

Feige spoke to Good Morning America at D23 and praised Harington’s talents, as well as hinting that there’s room for Black Knight to “grow into something else” in the franchise.

“He’s a really amazing actor, and this part came up in The Eternals film that we’re doing. We were so happy when he agreed to join, and it is a part that could perhaps grow into something else in the future.”

We might be able to take Feige’s comments as confirmation of a rumor that’s been circulating for the past year: that Marvel has significant plans for Black Knight. There was talk of him showing up in Avengers: Endgame, though that proved to be a bit premature. There’s also whispers of a Captain Britain and Black Knight movie – from director Guy Ritchie, no less – being in the works, though. It’s worth noting that a version of Captain Britain, alias Peggy Carter, will be introduced in the What If? animated series, too.

It’s difficult to say how much screentime Harington will get in The Eternals as it sports such a starry ensemble cast as the titular immortal aliens, including Angelina Jolie, Richard Madden, Salma Hayek, Kumail Nanjiani, Gemma Chan, Brian Tyree Henry and more. Even if he ends up a little shortchanged, though, at least we know there’s a very good chance that he’ll be back for more MCU action in the future.