Kong: Skull Island Continues To Flaunt Striking Visual Style With Two New Banner Posters

‘Awesome’ is a term that is so often overused not just in the film industry, but throughout the world of entertainment to the point that the word itself has become something of a cliché. However that may be, awesome is perhaps the perfect descriptor for Jordan Vogt-Roberts’ Kong, a beast so breathtaking – so immense – that he’ll become the tallest interpretation of the godly ape yet when Kong: Skull Island opens in two months’ time.

Pegged for March 10, Skull Island is the name of the Pacific island on which most of Vogt-Roberts’ monstrous reboot takes place. Home to a vast array of weird, wonderful, and downright extraordinary creatures – from Skull Crawlers to skyscraper-sized spiders to quasi-dinosaurs, they’re all here – Brie Larson and her team of intrepid explorers will soon be stepping foot onto the place where myth and science meet.

As previously teased, Kong: Skull Island has a particular Vietnamese tinge to its aesthetic – hence the visual comparisons to Apocalypse Now – and it will be fascinating to discover how Vogt-Roberts and his team situate a creature feature in a time period where napalm was the weapon of choice. The horror, the horror…

And so, as Kong: Skull Island barrels down on its March release date, a pair of striking new posters have found their way online to accompany yesterday’s banner reveal. Feast your eyes on both up above.

Jordan Vogt-Roberts will cordially invite moviegoers to step foot on Skull Island on March 10, 2017. Building on the appropriately gigantic groundwork laid by Gareth Edwards’ Godzilla, Kong is poised to become the second entry into Legendary’s shared universe, with both Godzilla: King of Monsters (March 22, 2019) and the Kong Vs. Godzilla (TBD) also looming large on the horizon.