Kristen Stewart Says She Wants To Play A Gay Superhero

Kristen Stewart

Marvel is clearly trying to make inclusion and representation the number one priority as they head into Phase 4. Studio president Kevin Feige has been pretty clear about that, as has Captain Marvel star Brie Larson. Not to mention that next November’s The Eternals will bring us the studio’s first openly gay character, as well as knocking down several other barriers with even more diverse superheroes.

But following the aforementioned film, could we see some other gay heroes from the comics making their way into the MCU, and perhaps even the DCEU? From everything we’ve heard – from both Marvel and Warner Bros. – the answer to that question seems to be yes and if Kristen Stewart gets her way, she may just end up playing one of them.

Speaking with Variety at the Toronto International Film Festival this weekend, the actress said that she’d like to play a gay superhero, while Anthony Mackie – who was being interviewed with her as well to promote their new movie Seberg – even suggested that she could suit up as a gay Captain America for the MCU.

While that’s obviously unlikely to happen, we wouldn’t rule out the possibility of one day seeing Stewart playing a gay hero for either the Marvel Cinematic Universe or DC Extended Universe (sorry, Worlds of DC). She’s a tremendously talented actress and hotter than ever right now in Hollywood thanks to a string of critically acclaimed performances. In fact, we’d actually be surprised if she wasn’t already on various wishlists at each studio.

But whether Kristen Stewart ends up getting into the comic book movie game or not, it’s becoming pretty clear that both Marvel and DC are striving for as much representation and diversity as they can get on screen and regardless of which actors and actresses end up making that goal possible, it can only be a good thing.