Labyrinth Fans Want Tilda Swinton To Take Over From David Bowie In Sequel


Earlier this week, we got the surprise announcement that a belated sequel to classic 1980s fantasy movie Labyrinth is on the way. Doctor Strange director Scott Derrickson is on hand to helm the follow-up, with the script coming from Maggie Levin. We don’t know any casting details just yet, but everyone’s already preoccupied by who could play the next Goblin King. David Bowie’s performance as the baby-stealing Jareth is one of, if not the, most popular things about the original and folks are very picky about who should replace him.

One star has risen to the top of the pile, though, and it’s Tilda Swinton. Just like Bowie, Swinton’s known for her otherworldly, androgynous energy, so you can see why folks want her to step into the late legend’s shoes, assuming anyone has to, of course. A quick search on social media will bring up numerous fans demanding that the actress be cast in the role and here are just a small selection of them:

It’s Swinton or nothing.

There’s only one acceptable answer.

There shouldn’t be one. But there is one. Therefore Swinton.

Your move, cowards.

The funny thing is that Swinton has actually worked with Bowie, as she played his wife in the music video for “The Stars (Are Out Tonight).”

Yeah? Yeah.

I mean, just look at that likeness.


Let’s remember that, not only has Swinton worked with Bowie before, but she also has history with Derrickson, too, seeing as he cast her as the Ancient One in the MCU. That connection could mean she’s genuinely in with a chance of landing a part in Labyrinth 2. But, again, at this stage there’s no casting news available.

One other idea going around is for Jennifer Connelly to return as Sarah, but this time she’s the Goblin Queen. That would be a neat twist on the first film’s premise. If they want someone to replicate Bowie’s Jareth, though, Tilda Swinton is probably the best option.

But tell us, are you excited for a Labyrinth sequel? And should Swinton be in it? Have your say in the comments below.