Latest Deadpool 2 Snap Offers An Up-Close Look At Cable


Soon after Josh Brolin (Avengers: Infinity War) landed the coveted gig of Cable, Deadpool 2 producer Hutch Parker (The Gifted) stressed that the addition of Nathan Summers, a time-traveling mercenary with a no-nonsense attitude to match, will have a profound impact on David Leitch’s 2018 sequel.

Much of that can be traced back to Cable’s ability to traverse through time on a whim, and the fact that Deadpool 2‘s hilarious teaser – coupled with that full-body unveiling of Brolin as the one-eyed rogue – included a Hope Summers Easter egg in plain sight has fueled speculation that the character’s adoptive daughter (AKA the mutant messiah) will factor into the story of Leitch’s follow-up in some shape or form.

The jury’s still out on that one, of course, but on the heels of Sunday’s close-up shot, Screen Rant has relayed a new image of Josh Brolin kitted out in costume. There is one striking difference, though; Cable appears to have two fully operational eyes, leading many to speculate that this picture in question is actually taken from a Deadpool 2 flashback, one in which Nathan Summers is yet to adopt his bionic arm and laser eye. Chalk that up as conjecture for now, as there’s always a chance that Cable’s arm is simply out of shot, and 20th Century Fox’s VFX team plan to incorporate that iconic, piercing eye in post.

Now back in production following last week’s fatal accident, Deadpool 2 remains on course for a release on June 1st, 2018. It currently finds itself sandwiched between New Mutants and X-Men: Dark Phoenix on Fox’s slate, while the studio recently staked out a total of six new release dates between now and 2021 for a slew of its mystery Marvel movies. Word is that one of those windows has been reserved for a kid-friendly redo of Fantastic Four, which would certainly be a marked departure from Josh Trank’s po-faced reboot that ostensibly bombed at the box office in 2015.