Fox Reportedly Mulling Kid-Friendly Reboot Of Fantastic Four

Two short years after the release and subsequent failure of Josh Trank’s widely derided Fantastic Four and it would seem 20th Century Fox is quietly plotting another reboot involving Marvel’s First Family.

At least, that’s according to the folks over at Bleeding Cool. Citing sources familiar with Fox’s plans, the outlet claims 20th Century Fox has hired Seth Grahame-Smith (Pride and Prejudice and Zombies) to put pen to paper. That spec script will allegedly skew toward a younger audience, too, which would be a stark departure from the oh-so-serious Fantastic Four movie of 2015. It’s a pitch that would place Franklin and Valeria Richards in lead roles, who comic book fans will know to be the two children of Mister Fantastic (Reed Richards) and the Invisible Woman (Susan Storm).

Not only that, but Grahame-Smith also helped develop the screenplay to Josh Trank’s radical overhaul during its formative stages in development, before the latter ultimately decided to assume script duties. And we all know how that turned out.

If nothing else, it’s a welcome reminder that the author is well versed in the source material at hand, and after missing out on the chance to helm The Flash for Warner Bros. – creative differences reportedly forced Seth Grahame-Smith to vacate the director’s chair – this would open up another avenue for Grahame-Smith to enter Hollywood’s crowded superhero genre. Assuming Bleeding Cool’s report turns out to be true, of course.

There’s also the small matter of licensing to consider. Much like its hold over the X-Men, 20th Century Fox still has ownership of the Fantastic Four IP, and is thereby required to keep creating FF movies lest the rights revert back to Marvel. Perhaps this time they’ll get things right? Third time’s a charm, as the old saying goes.