Latest Fantasy News: Amazon’s ‘God of War’ promises to stick close to the source material as ‘The Way of Water’ fails to meet opening weekend expectations

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Countless examples of the wrong way to adapt a video game litter television and film, so fans tend to be leery of fresh adaptations. News of an attempt to bring the God of War series to Amazon was met by widespread skepticism from fans, but recent news that the show will stick close to the source material is helping to ease concerns. 

The same can’t be said for Avatar: The Way of Water. Early reviews for the film are largely positive, if unenthusiastic, and its opening weekend brought in a tidy sum of money, but the latest James Cameron release is still underperforming. This is likely due to the staggering production costs that went into the visually-stunning film, but could see the Avatar franchise conclude with its second release. 

Another massively expensive fantasy endeavor is faring far better, according to Amazon. The Rings of Power remains the most expensive television show ever made, but despite those sky-high costs the show is already profitable.

Amazon promises to stick to established God of War lore

God of War Ragnarök
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An adaptation of the widely-popular God of War series is headed to Amazon, and fans of the enduring video game franchise aren’t sure what to think. Promises that any adaptation will stick close to the game’s established story are serving to ease gamer concerns, but not entirely. Amazon has made some truly stellar adaptations, including The Boys and Invincible, but not all of its releases are met with equal enthusiasm. Let’s hope that God of War comes out more like The Boys and less like Wheel of Time

The Way of Water might be a flop after all

Sam Worthington as Jake Sully in 'Avatar'
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Following a lucrative opening weekend, Avatar: The Way of Water was promptly accused of bombing at the box office. This is despite the film making $60 million more than its predecessor, and quickly prompted pushback. The initial accusations may prove to be true in the long run, however, if a look at Disney’s plummeting stocks are anything to go off of. The film’s failure to meet lofty financial expectations in its opening weekend could spell bad news for Cameron’s proposed cinematic universe. 

The Rings of Power, despite massive costs, is already profitable

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Amazon’s The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power was a bafflingly expensive show to create. Despite this fact, the show has reportedly already turned a profit, according to Amazon Studios boss Vernon Sanders. The show’s sky-high viewership numbers have allowed it to succeed, despite an uneven and divisive first season, and the new numbers make the show’s intended five-season run far more likely.