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Latest Horror News: A gory slasher spectacle enjoys a re-release as an anticipated sequel shows during ‘Oppenheimer’ previews

It's not yet Halloween, but the spooky is upon us.

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If you feel a cool, crisp breeze vibrating down your spine, folks — fear not! It is not yet the chilly autumn breeze associated with Halloween (unfortunately, we still have a few months for that), but it is a fresh-face wave of spooky content which is keeping us all on our toes. Just like with each passing, this collection of bone-chilling gossip will be explored in today’s weekly horror roundup right here at We Got This Covered. From an enticing gory slasher re-releasing in theaters this week to an ominous trailer showing during Oppenheimer previews, there’s certainly plenty to jump for joy about.

So, while you’re out there steadily purchasing tickets for both Barbie and Oppenheimer, be sure to follow along as we sink our teeth into the latest updates in spookyland.

Terrifier enjoys re-release in 700 theaters this summer

Massive controversy strikes horror community as they debate 'Terrifier 2's Art the Clown
Image via Dark Age Cinema

Upon the original release of Damien Leone’s Terrifier, the blood-splattered cinematic experience became a cult classic which obtained a colossal following. Many years later, the horror movie is just as impactful as it has always been — which has now led to the movie being re-released in theaters for horror die-hards around the country to enjoy. And while the re-release is limited and only available in certain megaplexes, there’s certainly no denying that moviegoers will be heading out to experience the frightening film in person.

The trailer for The Exorcist: Believer sparks more Oppenheimer attention

Cillian Murphy as J. Robert Oppenheimer in Oppenheimer (2023)
Image via Universal Pictures

With the release of Oppenheimer setting the cinematic world ablaze, horror fanatics are intrigued to learn that the official trailer for The Exorcist: Believer is showing during previews for the movie at cinemas. And while reactions might not be as positive as director David Gordon Green would like them to be, it’s worth noting that making a sequel of a beloved horror classic is a tough act to master. Regardless of the trailer’s brilliance, a vast majority of horror fans will be seated to witness the film come this October.

Before leading the DCU, James Gunn lent his helping hand to a major horror flick

dawn of the dead
Image via Universal

Before taking the reins and co-leading the charge over the DCU, notable filmmaker James Gunn lent a helping hand by penning the screenplay for the legendary Dawn of the Dead remake. Of course, with the help of Zack Snyder’s brilliant directing, the acclaimed remake has gone on to become a cult classic horror which die-hards find themselves revisiting for rewatches on a constant basis. It’s never too late to jump back to horror for a mini side project, Mr. Gunn!

Slash back in here next Friday, gorehounds, for a brand-new horror roundup.

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