Latest Horror News: ‘Wednesday’ propels an iconic pop anthem back into relevancy as ‘Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story’ smashes a Netflix milestone

Jenna Ortega as Wednesday Addams in 'Wednesday'
Image via Netflix

Happy Monday, spooky supporters! With Christmas now fully on the horizon, it’s been a relatively slow weekend in the realm of all things Halloween. Granted, it has been over two months now since the ever-popular celebration, but genre diehards have remained loyal to the spooktacular vibe — which is set to be showcased in today’s daily horror roundup here at We Got This Covered! Over this past weekend, an array of significant updates highlighted the headlines — including Netflix’s controversial Dahmer series breaking a massive milestone while Wednesday brought an iconic pop anthem back into the limelight.

So, before you finish wrapping those Terrifier slippers that you purchased for your favorite horror fan, feast your eyes on the latest news in horrorland.

Much to the chagrin of many, Netflix’s Dahmer series is shattering numbers

Ryan Murphy says he reached out to Dahmer's victims' families, but 'not a single person responded'
Image via Netflix

When Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story, the show was faced with immediate backlash from viewers, regular civilians, and victims’ family members, who collectively insisted that the Ryan Murphy series was glorifying Jeffrey Dahmer and his vicious crimes against Black and brown men. However, despite the constant controversy, the series has apparently become one of the most popular shows on the entire platform — with over 1 billion watching hours now collected. The milestone is both a blessing and a curse — seeing as actor Evan Peters delivered a groundbreaking performance, although Dahmer’s crimes being reintroduced to the spotlight are certainly harmful.

Even silent horror movies are loud enough to terrorize

John Krasinski pressing his index finger to his mouth in A Quiet Place
Image via Paramount Pictures

With blockbuster staples like A Quiet Place and Hush firmly cemented in the genre’s legacy, it’s easy to see why an abundance of spooky junkies are satisfied with the “silent” aspect of horror. Of course, aside from the notable films, Redditors took time to mention several underrated gems — including Let the Right One In, Midnight, and at times, Saint Maud. And while plenty of horror movies are celebrated for the most terrifying sounds — from dialogue to door squeaks and screams — the silent sub-genre is certainly an art to be celebrated.

Wednesday propels a 2011 hit single back into relevancy

Jenna Ortega as Wednesday Addams in 'Wednesday'
Image via Netflix

Amongst the massive amount of trends that Wednesday has already created, Tim Burton’s supernatural series has catapulted Lady Gaga’s hit single “Bloody Mary” back into the charts. As per Spotify’s official data, the 2011 tune has now secured a spot in Spotify’s Top 40 for Global Top Songs — an accomplishment that certainly deserves to be celebrated, seeing as the song is more than a decade old. Even Gaga herself was excited about the show’s influence on the song, with the acclaimed singer sharing a video of herself dancing along on TikTok — on par with the latest trend taking the social media platform by storm. We knew Gaga’s influence was powerful… but woah!

Catch you back here tomorrow, Little Monsters, for another daily horror roundup.