Latest John Dies At The End Trailer Stars The Meat Monster

For those of you unaware of Don Coscarelli’s sci-fi horror adaptation, John Dies At The End, this latest trailer offers more gore, goo, guns and monsters constructed entirely from frozen meat. In comparison to the teaser which was released over a year ago, this time around the trailer crams in a variety of moments from the film. Due to the psychedelic plottings of the novel, luckily the film isn’t trounced by a spoiler-heavy trailer as it’s hard to untangle what the various scenes mean.

The novel, also called John Dies At The End, was written by David Wong — a pseudonym for’s editor Jason Pargin. The story follows David, a video-store clerk and his best friend John as they uncover an alternate dimension that can only be seen by those who consume a mysterious substance called “soy sauce.”

One of the most hilarious parts of the novel occurs when David and John encounter a monster which assembles itself out of a freezer full of frozen meat. This latest trailer has tagged on a clip with the monster as it forms before David and John as a staggering patchwork steak man.

John Dies At The End will be released on VOD on December 27th, and in selected theatres January 25th, 2013.

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(Source: Fangoria)