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Latest Marvel News: Brie Larson missing ‘The Marvels’ fuels fresh insanity as Taika Waititi returns with an even bigger bust than ‘Thor: Love and Thunder’

Meanwhile, forget Daredevil. Get ready for Darkdevil...

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Brie Larson is the future of the MCU. Whatever else happens with the Multiverse Saga, that much we can be certain of as the Captain Marvel icon seems set to hang around for the forseeable and will no doubt have a major role to play in Avengers: The Kang Dynasty (directed by her frequent collaborator Destin Daniel Cretton) and probably Secret Wars too. So it would be truly insane to suggest that the strikes keeping her away from the incoming The Marvels could be a good thing in any way. And yet, here we are…

Is Brie Larson not being allowed to promote The Marvels “the best thing that could happen” to it? No, of course it’s not

Brie Larson as Captain Marvel/Carol Danvers in 'The Marvels'
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For people who apparently want her out of the MCU, Captain Marvel haters sure do spend a lot of time thinking about Brie Larson. Case in point, the worst take on the strikes imaginable claims that the Oscar-winning actress being unable to promote The Marvels when it releases this November is the best possible thing that could happen to it. *Bone-tired sigh* OK, sure, whatever. Let’s just pretend Larson isn’t one of the most popular and successful stars in the business who led her MCU debut to over $1 billion at the box office and, to top it all off, lives in your head rent-free.

Taika Waititi’s new movie opens to worse reviews than Thor: Love and Thunder

thor love and thunder
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Good things come to those who wait, goes the old saying, but that doesn’t usually apply when it comes to movies that have been held in release limbo for years as it often indicates they’ve got some big problems. Unfortunately, that looks like the case with sports comedy-drama Next Goal Wins, Taika Waititi’s first movie to drop since Thor: Love and Thunder, which is finally coming out this December four years after it was shot. And, unfortunately, all that hype has only made its first reviews all the harsher as its currently sitting at a much worse score than LAT on Rotten Tomatoes. Whatever’s next for Waititi’s career, he definitely needs that to be a win.

Hold onto your horned helmets, kids, because Daredevil: Born Again could be even darker than the Netflix show

Image via Marvel Television

Netflix’s Daredevil isn’t exactly known for being family-friendly fun for all ages, but apparently Disney Plus’ upcoming revival could be even darker still. Feel free to be skeptical about that, but that’s the latest intel on Daredevil: Born Again, with rumors pointing to it being even more mature than what we’ve seen before, not to mention borrowing She-Hulk: Attorney at Law‘s structure and being more episodic with case-of-the-week plots for Matt Murdock in his day-job. To make Born Again both the spiritual successor and antithesis to She-Hulk is a bold move from Marvel and Disney, but maybe it’s just crazy enough to work.

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