Latest Sci-Fi News: ‘Avatar: The Way of Water’ already cast aside in favor of another sci-fi sequel as ‘Doctor Who’ resurrects a beloved tradition

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Everyone is holding their breaths for Avatar: The Way of Water, which is supposed to be the biggest sequel in a long while, but even though we’re excited to see James Cameron’s long-anticipated follow-up to the highest-grossing movie of all time, the online community is already turning its attention back to an adaptation that a ferocious fanbase is still trying to keep alive. Most exciting, though, is the fact that there might be light at the end of that tunnel, after all.

Speaking of Avatar, Guillermo del Toro is doubling down on his praise for The Way of Water, calling it a “movie-movie” in all caps, so you know that the Cabinet of Curiosities creator is serious. In other news, Doctor Who fans rejoice after returning showrunner Russell T. Davies brings back an old tradition to the long-running BBC show, while the actor behind the big bad in Prime Video’s The Boys bags a well-deserved accolade.

The Boys fans celebrate Antony Starr winning Best Actor at the Critics Choice Awards

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Homelander is a character we all love to hate, but there’s no denying that Antony Starr has turned this cardboard cutout of psychopathic fascistic Übermensch into a compelling character that leaves us absolutely flabbergasted whenever he’s on the screen. For the first time in years, Homelander is a villain that actually manages to scare people or at least give them the jitters when he swoops into view, and the industry is recognizing the actor for this phenomenal job. Recently, Starr won Best Actor in a Drama Series at the Critics Choice Awards, and the fandom is here to celebrate this success with the rest of the boys.

The internet is willing to cast aside Avatar: The Way of Water if it means they’re going to get this sequel sooner rather than later

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Alita: Battle Angel failed to garner enough box office momentum to instantaneously warrant a sequel, but since its premiere in 2019, the movie has managed to gather a cult following that any box office flop would envy. Alita fans have also been continuously campaigning for a sequel, so when one of the movie’s producers recently said that they’re trying to find a way to make it happen, the online community went into a frenzied state again, with many asking producer and writer James Cameron to get on it immediately, even if it means forgetting about Avatar and its sequels.

Guillermo del Toro really, really loves The Way of Water, and he wants to make sure you’re in that theater when the time comes

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The celebrated director continues to be a huge fan of James Cameron’s Avatar: The Way of Water, which makes sense from a certain point of view because he directed a movie not so different from Cameron’s own venture, called The Shape of Water. All jokes aside, though, del Toro has once again taken to Twitter to say that the Avatar sequel is everything we expected and more, bringing to mind a time when originality in blockbusters was a widespread phenomenon, as opposed to a luxury that most of them can’t afford, whether from a commercial perspective

“I say it again: Avatar 2, seeing it you realize how long it has been since you saw a MOVIE-MOVIE (like that, in caps),” del Toro wrote on Twitter. Well, I guess there’s nothing to it but catching the movie when it releases in theaters on December 16.

Doctor Who stans sing the praises of Russell T. Davies, who’s already saving the show by reintroducing a fan-favorite tradition

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Aside from reigniting interest in Doctor Who again by bringing back David Tennant for a three-part special next year, Russell T. Davies is also resurrecting Christmas specials again after Chris Chibnall canned them in favor of New Year episodes, which didn’t exactly pan out great if you were to ask the majority of Whovians.

Now, per what the returning showrunner has revealed to Doctor Who Magazine, he’s currently busy writing the treatment for 2024’s Christmas special episode, which will follow the 14th season of the show starring Ncuti Gatwa as the 15th Doctor. It might still be early to blow in the trumpets, but we have a feeling that Doctor Who is officially back to take the crown of television soon.