Deadpool 3’s Cheeky Title Reportedly Revealed In New Leak


We’re closing in on the one year anniversary of Ryan Reynolds confirming that Deadpool 3 was officially in active development at Marvel Studios, and in terms of concrete information… that’s about all we know so far. That hasn’t stopped the rumor mill from going into overdrive, though, and barely a day seems to pass without a new story doing the rounds about how, when, where or why the Merc with a Mouth will finally make his long-awaited debut in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

So far, everything has remained strictly in the realm of speculation, but a new leak is now claiming to offer up some massive details surrounding the project. Admittedly, the story originated on 4Chan, so should obviously be taken with a pretty big pinch of salt, but the site has proved to be fairly reliable in the past when it comes to revealing major developments that affect the MCU.

Not only is Deadpool 3 said to be getting announced for real this time in three weeks from tomorrow on December 10th, but it’ll apparently be titled Deadpool: Retcon, which would perfectly fit the character’s irreverent sense of humor. The movie will also reportedly be released under the 20th Century Studios banner instead of Marvel’s flagship brand, similar to how Sony are technically the outfit behind the MCU’s Spider-Man series.

That would allow Wade Wilson to retain his signature foul mouth and keep an R-rating without forcing Disney into lending their reputable family-friendly name to a raunchy and violent superhero blockbuster. If true, then these are some huge developments for Deadpool 3, and we only have to wait a couple of weeks to find out the veracity of the latest info dump.