Eerie Leatherface Poster Teases The Birth Of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre


Leatherface and Jigsaw, two horror flicks prepped and ready for this year’s crowded Halloween season, have kick-started their respective marketing campaigns, and they seem to have come at the expense of the local livestock.

Whereas Michael and Peter Spierig’s Saw sequel has incorporated severed pig heads into its suitably creepy character portraits – character portraits designed to spotlight John Kramer’s many disciples more than anything else – the latest one-sheet for Leatherface features a mysterious individual dressed in dungarees. Oh, and they also happen to be sporting a cow’s head for added effect. Because apparently a prequel movie chronicling the origins behind that infamous Texas Chainsaw Massacre wasn’t enough to send a shiver or three down our spines.

Directing from a script penned by Seth M. Sherwood, Julien Maury, and Alexandre Bustillo are behind the lens for Leatherface, which is due to premiere via DirecTV in two months’ time. Casting-wise, Vanessa Grasse, Stephen Dorff and The Conjuring‘s Lili Taylor are all on board for Lionsgate’s prequel, which is described as so:

In Texas, years before the events of the Texas Chainsaw Massacre, in the early days of the infamous Sawyer family, the youngest child is sentenced to a mental hospital after a suspicious incident leaves the sheriffs’ daughter dead. Ten years later, he kidnaps a young nurse and escapes with 3 other inmates. Pursued by authorities including the deranged sheriff out to avenge his daughter’s death, the young Sawyer teen goes on a violent road trip from hell, molding him into the monster known now as Leatherface.

Leatherface will rev up the family chainsaw in time its DirecTV release on September 21st, before Lionsgate launches Julian Maury and Alexandre Bustillo’s nightmarish prequel into select theaters on October 20th.