First Look At Leonardo DiCaprio In J. Edgar

Filming has only just begun on Clint Eastwood’s biopic J. Edgar, a film about the life of FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover, but images have already emerged of Leonardo DiCaprio as the man himself. These come courtesy of Just Jared who caught DiCaprio on set in costume.

The film also stars Naomi Watts, Josh Lucas, Ed Westwick and Judi Dench. Also starring will be The Social Network‘s Armie Hammer who will play the controversial role of Hoover’s supposed gay lover and colleague, Clyde Tolson. Much has been talked about recently on how much the relationship between them will be explored, it is after all written by Oscar winning screenwriter Dustin Lance Black, who wrote the story of gay official Harvey Milk.

Considering the subject matter and the fact Clint Eastwood is behind the camera I suspect this could be a clear Oscar contender, the film is set for a 2012 release.