Leslie Grace Shows Off Her Full Batgirl Workout Routine

It’s always interesting to see just how much work it takes for an actor or actress to get in superhero shape and Leslie Grace has been sharing loads of that process with her fans as she gets ready to play Batgirl in her upcoming HBO Max filming.

She has previously shared a video demonstrating some impressive body control while doing bridge pushups and even more recently she showed off just how much weight she can lift. Now she’s giving us even more insights into her full workout routine in a new video shared on Instagram. You can check it out below!

It seems that she really dislikes resistance bands but tries her best to survive using them anyways. She also knows she’s got some great boxing skills and obviously has a great sense of humor with the little jokes and quips she shared along the way.

She said on the post itself, “soooo when do the superpowers kick in?” Who’s going to tell her how the Bat Family works in the DC world?

It seems that she’s working extremely hard to get in proper Batgirl shape for the film so we can only hope to see the fruits of her labor when the new movie hits HBO Max.