You Can Now Own A Life-Size Alien Xenomorph Statue For Just $8,000


Is your lounge missing a certain je nais se quoi? What would you spend for something that’s really going to tie your interior decor together and make your home a place to remember? Can you really put a price on freaking out anyone you bring over? Well, the Hollywood Collectibles Group has the purchase for you! For just $8,000, you can own a life-size Xenomorph from Alien, which comes in at a whopping 8-feet tall.

If you’ve got the dough and a unique taste in interior decoration, you can place a $1,600 non-refundable down payment on the Big Bad Toy Store and expect this to turn up sometime in late 2020. The statue is billed as follows:

From the original 1979 Alien and based off the H.R. Giger design for the film, Hollywood Collectibles Group presents the life-size Big Chap statue. Standing about 8 feet tall, Big Chap has been constructed from fiberglass and mixed media and stands atop an Alien-themed display base!

Painstakingly recreated by an Aliens SFX professional with meticulous attention to detail, the Xeno’s terrifying presence has been captured perfectly! To ensure authenticity, the major components of the body can trace their lineage back to the molds used to create the original movie costume.

There’s only 150 of these being made, so if you really, truly want one, then you’d better hop to it.

I have to admit that the detailing on this is exquisite, capturing every inch of Giger’s unique biomechanical design. I also love the slightly translucent head, which perfectly recreates the original creature from 1979’s Alien. The only real criticism is that the pose is really dull. This is one of the scariest creatures in the history of cinema, so why is he posed as if he’s in line waiting to collect a parcel from the post office? Show us those claws reaching out to snatch you, or that tail whipping around behind him. I hope the finished product will have some minor articulation so as to make the pose a bit more dynamic, but there’s no mention of it in the description.

Sadly, these are dark days for fans of the monster. After 2017’s Alien: Covenant flopped, there’s been little news on where the franchise could be heading next. However, after the Fox merger, I’d imagine that someone in Disney will be evaluating a potential future. After the tangled continuity and plotting of the recent movies, perhaps a full reboot is in order. If so, let’s take things back to basics and remind us why the Xenomorph caused so many nightmares.