‘Lightyear’ rated NC-16 in Singapore for ‘overt homosexual depictions’

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Image via Disney/Pixar

Disney Pixar’s latest animated film Lightyear will be headed to theaters in Singapore this Thursday, but with an NC-16 rating suggesting children shouldn’t watch the film.

The Infocomm Media Development Authority announced the news on Tuesday saying that the film has received this rating due to it featuring “overt homosexual depictions”.

Lightyear features a same-sex couple and, simply because of this, the film has received this ‘adult’ rating. Similarly, the film won’t be getting a release in the U.A.E, Kuwait or anywhere in the Middle East due to the couple sharing a kiss in the film.

In an announcement, the IMDA stated that Lightyear is the first “commercial children’s” animated film to feature such content.

“A spin-off from the children’s film franchise “Toy Story”, “Lightyear” contains some depictions of a female lead character and her partner starting a family and going through different milestones of their lives, and they are also seen sharing a kiss. ‘Lightyear’ is the first commercial children’s animation to feature overt homosexual depictions.”

The IMDA continued explaining that they requested Disney provide two versions of the movie so that one could be released to a younger audience — likely with any mentions of a same-sex couple removed from the film.

NC16 is a rating given to films that contain some mature content. The decision to give Lightyear this rating comes just days before the film is scheduled to arrive in theaters in Singapore and around the world.

Fans will get their chance to watch Lightyear in theaters when it launches on June 16.

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