Lindsay Lohan is officially back in the trailer for her new Netflix holiday rom-com, ‘Falling For Christmas’


Lindsay Lohan is back, baby, with a new holiday-themed Netflix rom-com, Falling For Christmas, which dropped its trailer on Friday.

The title of the movie is a bit of a play on words since Lohan’s character, a spoiled hotel heiress named “Sierra Belmont,” falls in more ways than one — first, literally, in a freak skiing accident, and later, metaphorically, when she falls in love with a hunky local blue-collar lodge owner while suffering from total amnesia. And naturally, this all takes place just before Christmas, giving the film an Overboard meets Hallmark Channel vibe to it.

“I just want people to remember me for more than my last name,” Lohan’s character foreshadows at the beginning of the trailer before her boyfriend Tad (George Young) drives her to the mountains in a hot pink sports car to propose. But after procuring an obviously double-digit carat, square-cut yellow diamond engagement ring and popping the big question, Sierra’s new fiancee watches helplessly as she goes careening off the side of a mountain.

Upon landing, Sierra is initially mistaken for dead when a horse-drawn sleigh driven by said lodge owner Jake (Chord Overstreet) happens upon her. And after taking her to the hospital and confirming that the mystery woman does indeed suffer from amnesia, Jake for some reason decides to take Sierra in and help her recover, with the help of his plucky and just-so-coincidentally motherless daughter.

Hijinks and rom-com holiday tropes ensue, including Sierra having to sort through the lodge’s lost and found collection of ugly sweaters for something in her size, gratuitous use of mistletoe, learning to make a bed for the first time (probably for Lohan in real life, as well, if we’re being completely honest) and, of course, the moment in which she appears at the top of the steps wearing a slinky red dress and Jake suddenly realizes that he’s falling in love with her.

Falling in Christmas is the first of three films that Lohan will star in for Netflix, after an additional two-picture deal was announced earlier this year. In the next, another romantic comedy called Irish Wish, Lohan stars as a bridesmaid who makes a “spontaneous wish for true love, only to wake up as the bride-to-be.” Fans can expect that film to hit the streamer sometime in 2023.