Lionsgate Summons Glorious Second Trailer For Hellboy


What’s big, demonic, and red all over? The new Hellboy trailer, of course! Which has emerged from the fiery depths of the underworld baying for blood.

Front and center as Big Red is David Harbour, star of the Netflix phenom Stranger Things, who’s clearly traded the Upside Down for the Bureau for Paranormal Research and Defense – or BPRD, for short.

From the moment Lionsgate and Summit Entertainment announced this R-rated retelling of the Hellboy saga, we all knew that Harbour faced an uphill challenge if he was to really fill the boots left vacant by Ron Perlman, but at least based on tonight’s scintillating new promo, it won’t take long to silence the naysayers – mostly because this teaser trailer heralds a vast improvement over the first in that it has the look and feel of a Hellboy movie, all the while bringing something a little new to the table.

And that’s exactly what Neil Marshall has achieved here with the second (and presumably final?) Hellboy trailer. This is likely the last major content drop before April 12th, as the Powers That Be will no doubt spend the next six weeks releasing short snippets and brief clips from the R-rated bonanza.

It currently faces the daunting task of opening under the shadow of Avengers: Endgame, though we’re quietly confident that Hellboy will still be able to carve out an audience of its own when all is said and done.

Once scheduled for a mid-January release, Hellboy is now expected to see the warm light of day on Friday, April 12th. It’ll grace select IMAX theaters, too, just in case you’re wanting to go up close and personal with Big Red, humanity’s unlikely savior.

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