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Hellboy Creator Says New Trailer Will Be Much Better Than The First

Big Red's second coming will be a helluva lot better than the first. Or so says Hellboy creator Mike Mignola, who hyped up the film's second trailer over on Twitter.

Legendary and director Neil Marshall look set to summon Hellboy‘s second trailer, and it’ll seemingly be a helluva lot better than the first.

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That’s according to Big Red’s founding father, Mike Mignola, who took to Twitter earlier this week to announce Legendary’s plans for a trailer reveal sometime next week. The only problem is, the tweet has since been deleted (h/t CBR), indicating that the studio’s top brass weren’t quite ready to disclose an exact ETA for the film’s second trailer – at least not yet.

Nevertheless, assuming things still go according to plan, and Hellboy debuts another reel of footage within the next seven days, Mignola made a point of assuring fans that this trailer is, and we quote, “SO much better” than the first.

It’s no secret that Hellboy‘s reveal trailer, set to the strum of Billy Idol’s “Mony, Mony,” split audiences right down the middle, with some welcoming the change in tone. However, others, like Ron Perlman, weren’t so kind, and called out the radical departure from Mignola’s anti-hero.

To their credit (and assuming Mike Mignola is right in saying that Hellboy‘s next trailer is a marked improvement), it looks as though Legendary have taken that feedback on board. And we all know how much music tends to influence the style and tone of any given movie trailer. Hellboy, it seems, is no different, aside from the fact that David Harbour’s monstrous half-demon will soon be defending Earth from the Blood Queen and her minions.

Once scheduled for a mid-January release, Hellboy is now expected to see the warm light of day on Friday, April 12th. It’ll grace select IMAX theaters, too, just in case you’re wanting to go up close and personal with Big Red, humanity’s unlikely savior.