Logan Director Says He’s Working On A Black And White Version Of The Film


In the build-up to the release of James Mangold’s Logan, a batch of stylish black and white promotional images were used to market the movie over on the WponX Instagram page. For a while, some believed this indicated that the actual film would be black and white, but of course, the first teaser trailer confirmed that wasn’t going to be the case.

Despite the risks 20th Century Fox clearly took on the final Wolverine movie, a major studio releasing one of their tentpole pictures in black and white was probably never going to happen. However, many people believe that Logan‘s western elements and melancholy tone lend themselves to the monochrome format, and would actually like to see a version of the film that reflects this.

With that in mind, Mangold responded to a fan’s query about a potential black and white cut of the movie, and it sounds like something might just be in the works:

George Miller released a “Blood and Chrome” version of Mad Max: Fury Road on Blu-ray, so there’s every chance Mangold will be able to convince Fox to put out something similar by the time Logan is due for its home video bow. That being said, a black and white theatrical re-release is probably wishful thinking – even with the critically acclaimed flick looking good for box office domination when it debuts this weekend.

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