Logan Director Teases The MCU’s Wolverine Wearing The Classic Costume


Some actors were born to play iconic roles that were seemingly made for them, just like a perfectly-tailored glove. We’re talking Robert Downey Jr. as Iron Man, Harrison Ford as Han Solo and Hugh Jackman as Wolverine. But do you see a pattern here? Over the past couple of years, all these characters were played off stage to their swan song, some with more permanence than others.

This also signifies the passing of the baton and it seems like the costume of Wolverine is ready to be donned by new blood. The critically-acclaimed Logan was a major departure for the X-Men movie franchise, featuring an aged Charles Xavier and a Wolverine that was well past his prime and out of uniform. Something that director James Mangold said was entirely intentional during a Logan watch party. In fact, the question of whether or not the classic costume was even considered for the final outing came up, and here’s what he had to say:

The director did add that it’s possible the next version of the Canadian hot-head could be kitted out to look that way, but without any firm confirmation, the cryptic teaser at the end of the tweet is all we have to go on. In any case, the X-Men series of movies have been facing a downward trend in popularity and a total refresh is now in the works in order for the mutants to eventually join the MCU continuity. When that’ll happen, we can’t yet say, but they’re definitely on their way.

Tell us, though, are you ready for a new actor to take on the role of Wolverine, or should Hugh Jackman keep those claws sharpened for his appearance in a post-Logan world? Sound off down below with your thoughts.