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Logan lovers wonder if Marvel will finally give Wolverine a comic-accurate costume

Fingers crossed the MCU's reboot goes back to basics.

the wolverine costume
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For whatever reason, the mainline X-Men franchise seemed embarrassed to put its vast roster of heroes and villains in anything resembling comic-accurate outfits. In fact, the leather-clad mutants even joked about yellow spandex in Bryan Singer’s 2000 original, but it still stings for fans that Hugh Jackman’s iconic tenure as Wolverine that they never once saw him suit up in the character’s classic duds.

These days, the vast majority of superhero blockbusters feature suits that are at the very least heavily inspired by and indebted to the source material on the printed page, an approach that everyone seems to be on board with. Now that Marvel Studios has the rights to the X-Men and is setting out on the voyage of reboot development, longtime Logan lovers are debating whether or not Kevin Feige is destined to give the people what they want.

Stepping into Jackman’s shoes is about as close to an impossible task as it gets, so having the rebooted Wolverine sport something that closely resembles one of the mutton-chopped berzerker’s signature looks would go a long way to instantly establishing that this is a brand new, completely different, and yet still reverential version of Canada’s favorite six-clawed son.

The majority of top-voted comments suggest that if the Marvel Cinematic Universe can successfully bring the ludicrous-on-paper designs of Mysterio and Captain America into live-action and make them look not just functional but genuinely eye-catching and cool, then some yellows, blues, and browns capped off with a pointed helmet shouldn’t be too difficult.

Unless of course it’s a CGI helmet, because we all saw how that turned out in Thor: Love and Thunder.

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