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Logan Paul missed out on becoming an executive producer for ‘Talk to Me’ because of a text message

Imagine seeing Logan Paul's name in the credits.

Logan Paul acting possessed.
Screengrab via YouTube/Impaulsive

WWE star Logan Paul missed out on grabbing a piece of Talk To Me‘s success after it was revealed that he was offered the position of executive producer on the film. Danny and Michael Philippou told the YouTuber that they had attempted to reach out to him during production but received no response, leaving the wrestler in shock and disappointment.

The filmmakers had revealed in the past that they were forced to make difficult decisions after $1 million was removed from their budget due to their casting choices. One option they considered was reaching out to their friend to see if he was willing to provide financial aid, in exchange for becoming an executive producer.

During their appearance on the Impaulsive podcast, Danny informed Paul that he texted him, offering returns if he agreed. He also believed at the time that the YouTuber would accept the offer, since they were close and thought he believed in them. Unfortunately, Danny was ghosted and felt embarrassed afterward.

“I remember we lost a million dollars out of our budget for Talk to Me by casting Sophie because she wasn’t a name yet. So we reinvested our fees, our producer reinvested her fees, and we needed the last AUD part of the budget. And I was like ‘Who can I ask?’ And I was like, ‘I’m gonna Logan. I’m gonna do it, I’m gonna ask Logan.’

“I was like shaking and I was like ‘I could not believe I’m asking Logan for money.’ But I was like, ‘Hey Logan, would you want to be an executive producer on this film?’ I was shaking, I was like, ‘I don’t mean to ask you this, but you will get returns on this, this, and this.’ Guess what? Ghosted.”

This revelation shocked everyone on the podcast. Paul argued that he’s not the type of person who would ghost someone, especially if they are good friends with him. He then claimed that the Talk to Me writer might have texted the wrong number.

“Listen, listen, listen. I mean this, I mean this. I’m not a huge ghoster, and if I like you, I’m definitely not a ghoster. Not only do I like you guys, I believe in your creative ability. I’ve been saying you guys are like the best filmmakers on YouTube forever. Danny, I have reason to believe you may have texted the wrong number.”

The wrestler plans to make it up to them by funding their next project. The YouTuber admitted to the brothers that he wants to be involved after watching Talk To Me, and wished Danny had sent a follow-up message. Fortunately, the Philippou brothers’ next project may involve the Street Fighter franchise, so there could be a chance to see Paul’s name in the credits.

Talk to Me was a massive success upon its release, earning $10 million during its domestic opening and becoming A24’s second-biggest movie debut. The film currently boasts a certified fresh rating of 95 percent on Rotten Tomatoes, and there are now discussions about a potential sequel for this horror blockbuster.

If you’re yet to see one of the most critically acclaimed horror films of the year so far, Talk to Me is currently showing in theaters.

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