Longest #1 Streak On Netflix For 2020 Has Now Been Revealed

The Queen's Gambit

The Netflix Top 10 most-watched list is much more of a popularity contest than any sort of quality barometer, and there have been some truly terrible titles dominating the charts since the streaming service first introduced the feature. It’s incredibly handy for the more indecisive subscribers who can find out what everyone else has been enjoying and use it to make an informed decision, but it obviously comes laced with the threat of committing to an awful viewing experience.

Reaching the coveted number one spot is something that many movies and TV shows have managed, but staying there for longer than a couple of days is an altogether more difficult task. Only a few projects have reigned for at least 3 consecutive weeks this year as the most-watched thing on Netflix, and it shouldn’t come as much surprise to discover that The Queen’s Gambit is way out in front.

The Queen's Gambit

Scott Frank’s show captured the imagination of viewers around the world to become the most-watched scripted original miniseries in the platform’s history, while the 62 million streams it racked up in four weeks also saw it end up being one of Netflix’s biggest TV debuts ever. In fact, the acclaimed drama spent a massive 39 days as the most popular title in the entire library, which is miles ahead of the competition.

Second place goes to controversial Polish thriller 365 Days, which held on for 21 days in the top spot, presumably driven by the curiosity surrounding it, given that the movie holds a Rotten Tomatoes score of 0%. Season 2 of The Umbrella Academy, meanwhile, spent the same amount of time as Netflix‘s most popular release after the comic book adaptation further reinforced its credentials as one of the company’s marquee properties, which bodes very well for the upcoming third run of episodes.