Look to the skies for these, the best UFO movies

Image via 20th Century Studios

Over the decades of cinema, many filmmakers have attempted to tell stories about beings from other worlds visiting our own and in the wake of Nope, movie fans are endeavoring to craft a definitive list of the best alien and UFO films of all time.

Taking to Reddit, one film fan asked fellow movie fans to add to their growing list of films that provide the best alien or UFO experiences, and there were plenty to choose from.

Of course, the most obvious and relevant addition to the list is Nope. Jordan Peele’s latest film is getting a great reaction from fans and critics and seems to provide one of the best UFO film experiences of the modern era.

Right now the film boasts an impressive 82 percent Certified Fresh critic score on Rotten Tomatoes with audiences rating the film slightly lower at 68.

Other movies that were mentioned by multiple fans during the discussion were the classic War of the Worlds, Alien, and Predator, but there were many more.

Here is a look at some of what fans had to say.

While some of these additions would seem obvious, there is also a mix of hidden gems included to ensure that there is something new for every film buff to check out. Fire in the Sky appears to be one of the most popular UFO films according to suggestions from Redditors.

There have been plenty of great UFO films over the years and while they seem to be arriving less frequently nowadays, there will likely be more that continue to grace the skies in the foreseeable future.