Love Demands Everything In Latest Trailer For The Light Between Oceans


Love demands everything. That’s the sentimental tagline tethered to today’s beautiful new trailer for The Light Between Oceans, Derek Cianfrance’s adaptation that’s pegged to dock in theatres come September.

At first glance, it makes for quite the genuine and heartfelt tagline, but when set against the context of M. L. Stedman’s eponymous best-seller, it tees up a tragic and emotionally raw story.

You see, The Light Between Oceans orbits around a childless couple (Michael Fassbender & Alicia Vikander) situated on a isolated island off the coast of a post-WWI Australia.

Eager to raise a family of their own, Fassbender and Vikander’s would-be parents struggle through miscarriages and other setbacks that push their bond to the absolute limit. Clutching to any semblance of hope with worn, desperate hands, their prayers are soon answered when a lonely baby girl miraculously washes up on shore. But as the lovestruck pair begin to realize — and realize fast — the true mother of their newfound and illicit daughter remains alive and well, teeing up a heart-wrenching tale of family and loss.

With Derek Cianfrance directing and Adam Arkapaw calling the shots as cinematographer, The Light Between Oceans has all the makings of an awards-friendly drama that effortlessly mixes nail-biting drama and shots of serene beauty.

Michael Fassbender and Alicia Vikander – or Aguilar and Lara Croft, for those keeping pace with each star’s foray into video game movies – will anchor The Light Between Oceans when Derek Cianfrance’s drama opens on September 2.