Lucasfilm Reportedly Planning To Resurrect Kylo Ren For New Star Wars Trilogy

After a quiet few years, the Star Wars YouTube rumor mill is spinning its wheels once again. This can be a fearsome device: during the Sequel Trilogy, we were inundated with all sorts of outlandish inside rumors about where the story would go and what would happen to the characters. 99% of these proved to be complete bunkum, and I suspect the remaining 1% were right simply by accident.

But with rumors of Disney and Lucasfilm being on the verge of announcing a new trilogy, gossip has begun to build. Now, The Den of Nerds YouTube channel is reporting that a post-Sequel Trilogy (The Sequel Sequel Trilogy?) will commence with the unexpected return of Adam Driver’s Kylo Ren/Ben Solo.

Kylo Ren was last seen in the closing moments of The Rise of Skywalker. After finally turning towards the Light Side, he sacrificed his life to save Rey and promptly became one with the Force.

But now he’s back! Somehow! Let’s face it, after the embarrassing way that Palpatine came back, the franchise doesn’t have a great track record with resurrections, so I hope this doesn’t actually happen.

If it did, we may see a new side to Ben Solo as he attempts to atone for his crimes in the First Order and do justice to his legacy. It’d also be interesting to see what his relationship with Rey would be like, as she’s presumably exploring her own connection with the Force in the wake of taking on the Skywalker name.

I strongly suspect this is wishful thinking, though an upcoming episode of Star Wars: Visions set after The Rise of Skywalker indicates that they’re now allowing writers to work within this period. Let’s hope we hear some concrete news soon on future Star Wars trilogies.

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  1. Mattsays:

    What was Kylo Ren’s iconic line? Let the past die? Yeah. Let’s do that.

  2. Kellysays:

    OMG!! ❤❤❤

  3. Luke is Star Warssays:

    They should’ve done that with Luke Skywalker. He’s a more valuable character. Lost opportunity.

    1. DaRkSiDeOfThEmOoNsays:

      Mark Hamill said it himself, he would no longer be in any future star wars movies because his Leia to his Luke, costar Carrie Fisher was no longer by his side…(RIP Carrie). He finished the last of the Skywalker trilogy in honor of Carrie Fisher. I’m sure he will do voice acting in the animated Star Wars…but not the films.

      1. Son_Of_Dadsays:

        It’s time to let the original cast go. They’ve been dedicated, loyal and committed (even Harrison Ford, who wanted to be killed off before I was a teenager) far longer than almost any franchise, outside of soap operas. 43 years strong is real commitment.

        Now, for Kylo, this is easily rectifiable as they can merely say that this Force Dyad they share (i.e., passing light sabers over a vast distance) is actually a place and that’s where Kylo is. Or maybe I’m just high.

  4. Johnsays:

    How about we just forget the Sequels ever happened and never mention Ben Solo or Kylo Ren again? Or at the very least, just make them a bad what if force vision.

    Let’s make Luke Skywalker the hero again and have the best parts of Legends replace the Sequels.

    1. Sheldonsays:

      +1000 Republic Credits

    2. DJ Rittysays:

      or just re-edit them…cuz they’re great when cut right.

  5. Sheldonsays:

    They need to take the expanded universe or Legends or whatever they call it and make it Canon.

    The original story of the skywalkers was pretty tight. And then it led to the Uhulon Vong (or however it’s spelled) war.
    Start it off with the thrawn trilogy

    And they need to do is fire the force is female Kathleen Kennedy because the force is for everybody especially the fans who buy the f****** merchandise and have bought all the damn books and kept her mouth f****** fed. She can go retire at her sith temple.

    1. WinterLeiasays:

      Yeah, Lucas was criticized for demystifying the Force in the PT with the midi-chlorians and all that. Yet, they were willing to accept that the Force was female and it couldn’t tell the difference between a Skywalker and a Palpatine or a man and a woman.I think Kathleen Kennedy has a God complex and believes she is the Force

    2. Drewschisays:

      Amen brutha

  6. WinterLeiasays:

    They should bring Vader back instead. I’m tired of watching a wannabe stumble around his boots. It somehow seemed appropriate that Kylo Ren was wearing a helmet in TROS that was glued back together and Rey had fixed Anakin Skywalker’s lightsaber with duct tape. It didn’t do much for the story itself, but sure was a great visual on how badly Disney had broke the whole saga and how terribly bad their repair job had went.

  7. Cosmic Butchsays:

    I won’t be watching anything with the village idiot that is Kylo Ren or any other sequel trilogy clown.

  8. Star Warriorsays:

    Star Warriors I feel that we need NEW & ENGAGING characters. Resurrect “Force Ghosts” is fine as long as it pushes the PLOT forward

  9. Star Warriorsays:

    Kylo Ren/Ben Solo force ghost??? Star Warriors as long as it doesn’t interfere with the PLOT

  10. Dewey1969says:

    A better Star Wars would be the Force ghosts battling the Sith in an alternate universe.

  11. Dewey1969says:

    A better Star Wars a movie about the force ghosts. Battling the Sith in another dimension.

  12. DarthMenacesays:

    The entire plot of the third movie leaked online. 90% wrong is a lie.

  13. The forcesays:

    hopefully they replace the actor cause he sucked at the role

  14. Timmersays:

    I look back fondly on the days when Disney held mastery over rodents and racoons and princesses…and flubber, flubber was good. Anymore, Disney can just F**k off…quit driving on the sidewalk and get back on the road!

    1. Drewschisays:

      Amen timmer

  15. InsanityDaily.comsays:

    Well I see Disney have learned a great deal from their past mistakes then. Hey let’s just bring everyone who died back for coins. That’s how to make money……right..?

  16. Drewschisays:

    Stupid. Disney sucks

  17. Miz Chevioussays:

    I think they are going to do some back stories that happened before the last three movies he was in. Like when he took down Luke’s school and how he became Snoke’s apprentice.

  18. Wishing starsays:

    I don’t know why everybody has to the critical of each actor and actress. I would love to see kylo Rey comeback with Adam Driver especially does he did an awesome job and his storyline kind of ended without actually being able to see his whole side of being Ben solo before he became kylo Ren. If he also great to see how he comes back and possibly has a relationship with Rey. If certain characters don’t want to come back then that’s great to show how they either died off but to those you can continue with and make something new of each character it’s awesome to see how Trilogy can keep going and not for everyone to have a negative comment on everything

    1. Darth Dreadsays:

      true! I may be naive but over the years I’ve heard and read some great plot ideas from fan boys and other bloggers. I dont understand how these things weren’t looked at to incorporate or at least give direction for the future of the franchise. The getting rid of Luke is the absolute dumbest thing ever. That would only work if the newer characters would have presented stronger and resignates with fans more then and only then could you fathom getting rid of Luke. It wouldve been great to see how powerful Luke had become. It wouldve been great to see what the results of him going back to the origins of the Jedi brought forth. We never got a chance to see “Master Luke” truly at work, experienced wielding the force. Missed opportunities

  19. Sassinaksays:

    Save Leia’s Wayward son. Give him a chance to atone. Let Rey have her Dark Prince. Let his mistakes become wisdom he can share. Set ‘the Crew’ to go after the slave-traders and war profiteers of Canto Bight, the real villains of the Galaxy.
    (Or Thrawn, why not?)

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