Lucasfilm Reportedly Planning To Resurrect Kylo Ren For New Star Wars Trilogy

Adam Driver wields light saber as Kylo Ren
Image via Lucasfilm

After a quiet few years, the Star Wars YouTube rumor mill is spinning its wheels once again. This can be a fearsome device: during the Sequel Trilogy, we were inundated with all sorts of outlandish inside rumors about where the story would go and what would happen to the characters. 99% of these proved to be complete bunkum, and I suspect the remaining 1% were right simply by accident.

But with rumors of Disney and Lucasfilm being on the verge of announcing a new trilogy, gossip has begun to build. Now, The Den of Nerds YouTube channel is reporting that a post-Sequel Trilogy (The Sequel Sequel Trilogy?) will commence with the unexpected return of Adam Driver’s Kylo Ren/Ben Solo.

Kylo Ren was last seen in the closing moments of The Rise of Skywalker. After finally turning towards the Light Side, he sacrificed his life to save Rey and promptly became one with the Force.

But now he’s back! Somehow! Let’s face it, after the embarrassing way that Palpatine came back, the franchise doesn’t have a great track record with resurrections, so I hope this doesn’t actually happen.

If it did, we may see a new side to Ben Solo as he attempts to atone for his crimes in the First Order and do justice to his legacy. It’d also be interesting to see what his relationship with Rey would be like, as she’s presumably exploring her own connection with the Force in the wake of taking on the Skywalker name.

I strongly suspect this is wishful thinking, though an upcoming episode of Star Wars: Visions set after The Rise of Skywalker indicates that they’re now allowing writers to work within this period. Let’s hope we hear some concrete news soon on future Star Wars trilogies.