Lucasfilm Reportedly Wants Vader And Ahsoka Tano To Meet In Live-Action


Her entire involvement in live-action might be restricted to a single episode of The Mandalorian so far, but Ahsoka Tano‘s unique position in the expanded Star Wars universe makes it a certainty that she’s going to become an integral part of the rapidly expanding small screen Disney Plus lineup.

Having originated in the animated realm of the franchise, Ahsoka is in the position where she’s connected to almost every corner of the mythology. The events of The Clone Wars and Rebels will have an impact on her own solo series, especially when she’s already name-dropped Grand Admiral Thrawn, but Snips is also tied to virtually all of the major players in a galaxy far, far away in some fashion.

As Anakin Skywalker’s former Padawan, she’s got a direct link to both the Prequel and Original trilogies given her close ties to the future Darth Vader, while The Mandalorian saw her fill in the gaps in Baby Yoda’s backstory, and she was responsible for the exposition dump that directly led to Luke Skywalker’s cameo in the season 2 finale, so the dots are already there waiting to be joined.

Not only that, but according to insider Daniel Richtman, Lucasfilm wants to have Darth Vader and Ahsoka Tano cross paths in live-action at some point, though there’s not much more information given than that. Still, it’s definitely something the fans would love to see, and would play off their duel from the final episode of Rebels‘ second season, not to mention their long and complicated history.

The real question is where and when in the timeline it would happen, especially when Ahsoka takes place in the same narrative space as The Mandalorian with Darth Vader already out of the picture, but there’s plenty of Star Wars content in the works to provide the opportunity.

Source: Patreon