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Ludacris promises that ‘Fast X’ will blow our tiny minds

We're going to have to believe him on this one.

ludacris fast & furious
Photo via Universal

Having spent the last decade consistently upping the ante with each new installment, which culminated in the franchise finally heading into outer space in the last movie, fans are rightly wondering how the hell Fast X will continue to keep delivering bigger, bolder, brasher, and more unhinged action sequences.

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Of course, we know by now not to doubt the high-octane saga’s propensity for pulling out brand new tricks each time Dominic Toretto throws on his trusty white vest and dives back into the thick of the chaos, but things have escalated to such a degree that we couldn’t even begin to speculate on what Louis Leterrier has in store when Fast X arrives next summer.

In a recent interview with Entertainment Tonight, even Fast Saga stalwart Ludacris admitted that he can’t believe each new entry in the series manages to top itself, but he nonetheless feels confident the penultimate chapter will blow our tiny little minds.

“Every single movie I am thinking… ‘How can we [top this]? How can you top space?’ Like, come on, man. There’s some twists. There’s more turns. There’s even more characters being introduced that are going to blow your mind… There’s a lot of takeaways from the next one. It comes out next year.”

Maybe the family will head back beyond the stars in something more robust than a beat-up Pontiac, or perhaps they’ll take the opposite route and end up deep within the planet’s molten core for unknown reasons. Either way, we can’t wait to see what’s in store when Fast X roars onto the big screen to tee things up for a grand finale that’s sure to be epic in every sense in the word.