Lynda Carter Rumored To Cameo As Wonder Woman In The Flash

Lynda Carter Wonder Woman

Gal Gadot may have brought Diana Prince to life on the big screen after headlining arguably the DCEU’s best ever movie, but for a lot of longtime fans, Lynda Carter will always be the definitive Wonder Woman. The massively popular TV show she starred in ran for three seasons between 1975 and 1979, averaging an audience of over 12 million viewers across the 59 episodes.

Carter’s take on the iconic Amazon became so influential that the comic books even adopted some of the traits that she brought to the character, and it still remains the defining role of her career, one that’s been leveraged over the decades for self-aware cameos in the likes of Smallville, high school superhero comedy Sky High and most recently, a recurring stint on the Arrowverse’s Supergirl as President Olivia Marsdin.

Lynda Carter Wonder Woman

A new report making the rounds now claims that Carter is being lined up for a potential appearance in The Flash as an alternate version of Wonder Woman, and while it should be taken with a pinch of salt at this stage, the 69 year-old actress is exactly the same age as Michael Keaton. And if Diana’s part of the main DCEU continuity as an ally of Bruce Wayne, then realistically, she could also exist in a different timeline where the Dark Knight is approaching retirement age. As such, having her board the movie for even a brief scene or two wouldn’t require a huge leap in logic.

Of course, almost every past or present name to have played a major DC superhero has been linked with The Flash already, but as Andy Muschietti whittles down his list of candidates for surprise cameos, you’d imagine that Lynda Carter has crossed his mind at least once by now.