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Lynda Carter Says A Wonder Woman 2 Cameo Is Up To Patty Jenkins

The original Wonder Woman herself, Lynda Carter, has said that a potential appearance in Wonder Woman 2 is totally up to director Patty Jenkins.

Last year’s Wonder Woman was pretty much everything fans could have hoped for from the Amazon princess’ first solo movie. However, it was a little disappointing that DC icon Lynda Carter didn’t turn up for a cameo in the film. The actress starred in the Wonder Woman TV show from the 1970s which, until Gal Gadot landed the role in the DCEU, was the most famous adaptation of the character. You could say Carter is just as important to Wonder Woman as Adam West and Christopher Reeve are to Batman and Superman, respectively.

So, how about a cameo for Carter in Wonder Woman 2 instead? The question came up while she was chatting with Variety, and Carter revealed that she’s happy to leave that up to fate or the whims of director Patty Jenkins. “I’m just going to leave that up to the universe and Patty,” she said.

Carter’s ‘come-what-may’ attitude is probably the result of what happened with Wonder Woman. It was actually the plan to include the actress in the first film but scheduling conflicts got in the way. However, Carter’s previously revealed that she’s talked with Jenkins about a potential appearance in the upcoming sequel, though she’s keen not to simply be shoehorned into the movie. “If it works in an organic way, it’ll be great fun,” was the actress’ comment at the time.

Thankfully, it’s not that Lynda Carter has been a stranger to the DC universe over the past few years, even if she missed out on that Wonder Woman cameo. As fans will know, she played President Olivia Marsdin in Supergirl‘s third season, who proved to be a secret alien and an ally for Melissa Benoist’s Girl of Steel.

Carter wouldn’t be the first classic DC star to appear in the DCEU either if her Wonder Woman 2 cameo materializes. Notably, Marc McClure – who played Jimmy Olsen in the first four Superman movies – briefly turned up in Justice League.

For now, though, we’ll just have to wait and see if Wonder Woman features two Diana Princes for the price of one when it arrives in cinemas November 1st, 2019.

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