Marvel Fans Angry And Confused That Avengers: Endgame Has No Post-Credits Scenes


One of the more fun aspects of the last 21 Marvel movies is that they all had some kind of mid-or-post-credits scenes tucked away, usually little Easter eggs or tags that tied up a loose end, or was the punchline to a joke. Apparently though, per lots of sources, Avengers: Endgame has no such scenes. Surprising? I mean…not exactly. If this movie is gonna wrap up the myriad plot lines dangling all over the place, why would Disney stick in additional loose ends?

Despite the logic that I just presented, fans online are capital M, A, and D MAD. People are upset that their routine has been disrupted. People are perturbed that they aren’t getting more of the same! Gah, this movie subverted my expectations! Remember the last time someone tried that, Disney? Rian Johnson sure does! Zing!

Okay, are people actually mad? Maybe. Probably not, though. With this all-in culture, it’s truly hard to tell sometimes whether or not fans of franchises, or fans of anything in general, actually hate what they’re proclaiming to dislike. Most of the tweets I’ve seen seem to be in a more humorous vein. Some even seem to think they’re informative, trying to spare people the pain of watching credits. Barf! I hate seeing names of folks who made movies! Disgusting!

It’s important to keep in mind that there are rumors circulating that Marvel might just say screw it and slide a post-credits scene in on launch day. Maybe it’s all just a bunch of fuckery from the same people who told us Loki was dead but he totally wasn’t but he’s totally dead again (but, or is he??? ahh!!!). The Russos have also said that all footage in the trailers is fake. So what can we really believe anymore? The media is the enemy of the people, after all.

Gosh darnit, I cannot wait to sit down and watch Avengers: Endgame tomorrow night at 10pm for myself in order to see, or maybe not see, this lack of an ending tag.