Mad Max Fury Road Will Reboot The Series Says Charlize Theron

George Miller’s Mad Max: Fury Road has been in development for a while and though many thought that it may be a prequel, or even a sequel, it turns out that it will in fact be a complete reboot of the entire Mad Max series.

The news comes to us from Charlize Theron, who is currently doing the press rounds for her new film Snow White and the Huntsman. In a recent interview with UKPA, she compared her new film to the Mad Max reboot, which she also stars in.

“Like with Snow White And The Huntsman, there is so much potential to re-imagine that world. It’s such an interesting world and how much it still resonates today after 20 years or whatever it’s been. We’re going back to that world but this is not a prequel or sequel or anything like that,” she tells UKPA.

She then went onto speak about Tom Hardy and his role as the titular character.

“Tom Hardy will be playing Mad Max but this is not the Mad Max that we know from that [film]. Only Tom Hardy can do this Mad Max and my character is a brand new character as well,” she added.

MadMax fans have been waiting a while for this one and the idea of a reboot sounds very promising. Like Theron said, it’s an interesting world and there’s a lot of potential there. Miller could take the film in a number of directions and I’m hoping we get more updates on the story in the near future.

Story and plot aside, I’m also really looking forward to seeing Hardy in the lead role, I think it’s perfect for him and I can’t wait to see him recreate the role that Mel Gibson made so iconic.

Mad Max: Fury Road will start filming next weekend for a probable 2013 release date.