Main Characters For New Animated Mortal Kombat Movie Reportedly Revealed

Mortal Kombat

It might actually work out better in the long run that the upcoming Mortal Kombat reboot will debut simultaneously on the big screen and HBO Max. After all, there are still plenty of question marks surrounding the long-term viability of the video game genre, and while there’ve been several major box office hits recently based on console favorites, there’s no guarantee that the latest adaptation of the long-running series will follow suit.

Once the Warner Bros. executives crunch the numbers and determine how many of the subscribers to their streaming platform have checked it out, though, a sequel could conceivably be announced very shortly after. Wonder Woman 3 was fast-tracked into development just two days after 1984 debuted, and with Mortal Kombat a much less expensive enterprise, the viewing figures used to justify a follow-up would be a lot smaller by comparison.

However, there’s been word that the studio are looking to continue building the Mortal Kombat brand, and we told you last week that another feature-length animation was in the works. The latest report not only corroborates that information, but goes on to name the quintet of main characters thanks to a leaked casting call.

Apparently, the animated Mortal Kombat will prominently feature Kobra, Kira, Tremor, Kabal and Kuai Liang. No plot details are offered, but the latter in particular could be an indication of where things are heading. After all, Kuai Liang is the real name of Sub-Zero, and with the project looking for someone in their 60s-70s to voice the role, it could end up focusing on an older version of the iconic warrior taking a protege under his wing. Chalk that up as speculation for now, but with any luck, we’ll start to learn more about the film soon.