Main Villains For Fantastic Four Reboot Reportedly Revealed

Fantastic Four
Image via Marvel Entertainment

Once Jon Watts finishes up on Spider-Man: No Way Home, he’ll be sticking around the Marvel Cinematic Universe for a little longer having been announced as the director of the Fantastic Four reboot last year. The filmmaker is clearly a favorite of the studio’s decision makers, and he’s proven himself more than capable of helming big budget superhero blockbusters.

Not a lot is known about the project at this stage, but depending on how quickly things come together behind the scenes, the fifth feature-length outing with the fourth different iteration of the titular team could realistically be in front of cameras next year to claim one of Marvel’s open 2023 release dates.

Plot details remain scarce unfortunately, but a new leak has now revealed who the villains of Fantastic Four are going to be, and while it comes from a mysterious Twitter account named Main Middle Man, the person behind it did divulge some very accurate WandaVision spoilers a few weeks back, including the significance of Quicksilver’s necklace. As per the information, there are already writers attached and the quartet of cosmically powered superheroes will make their official debuts in Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania, with Reed Richards and Sue Storm potentially being introduced as Pym Technologies scientists.

As for the bad guys, Super-Skrull has been named as one of them, which would make sense given that we know Secret Invasion is coming to Disney Plus, while Psycho-Man is also slated to appear. The latter is a longtime enemy of the Four having made his comic book debut in 1967, and he’s essentially the leader of a microscopic system of worlds called the Microverse, but he uses mind control to power a full-size suit of weaponized armor when on Earth. It sounds wild, and it’s all just speculative at this stage, but it would certainly tie into both the Ant-Man mythology and the Fantastic Four‘s more bizarre and psychedelic origins.