Man Of Steel 2 Rumored To Be Back On The Table With Henry Cavill

Superman Man of Steel, as portrayed by Henry Cavill
Via Warner Bros.

Eight years is an eternity in blockbuster cinema, which is why the chances of a Man of Steel sequel happening continue to grow nothing but dimmer, despite the fact the fans would love to see it happen, as would leading man Henry Cavill, who still has at least one film left on his contract with Warner Bros. to play Superman.

To give an example of how much the sands can shift, eight years after Terminator Salvation was released, Dark Fate was shooting, and in between those two points we got another reboot in Genisys. Looking at the X-Men, eight years on from First Class we’d seen a pair of Deadpools and Dark Phoenix, with the rights to the characters in the hands of Marvel Studios before The New Mutants even had the chance to hit theaters.

Tipster Mikey Sutton is now offering that Man of Steel 2 is in development, but we should point out that the quotes in question are admittedly taken fairly, if not wildly, out of context. While Sutton claims that The Hollywood Reporter “reveals” the project is in the works, and Goyer agrees by saying “I think so,” it’s not quite that simple.

The interviewer’s exact words are “I’ve heard rumors a sequel may be in the works with Cavill on board (Warner Bros. says none is in development)”, so it’s far from a done deal. Not only that, but the question Goyer replies to asks him if he feels like there’s unfinished business with the story told in Man of Steel, not if there’s an actual follow up on the cards.

We can still keep our fingers crossed, though, but after ten and a half years under contract for Cavill and still no solo sequel, Man of Steel 2 remains as far away as it’s ever been.