Zack Snyder Shares More BTS Goodies From Man Of Steel


No, sadly there’s nothing to report on in regards to the much sought after Zack Snyder cut of Justice League, but instead, the director’s dropped some neat details and props left over from his 2013 movie, Man of Steel.

To show his appreciation of fans’ support for his divisive Superman reboot, which became the catalyst of the DC Extended Universe, the director took to Vero (yep, it’s becoming a thing) to share some rarities. The post, seen below, features an image of Jor-El’s gun, which we see used by Russell Crowe in the film’s Krypton sequences, as well as the last slate from the final day of shooting.

Not on Vero? Have a look for yourself:

The gun seems like it’s seen some action by the condition of it but most interestingly, the clapperboard details not a movie called Man of Steel, but one titled ‘Autumn Frost’ instead. Used primarily to keep media and fan attention away from sizeable productions, a cover name is usually employed as a code and used on set (think ‘Blue Harvest’ for Return of the Jedi).

In this instance though, ‘Autumn Frost’ carries more poignancy than you’d expect, as it shares the first name of Snyder’s daughter, who tragically took her own life in March of 2017. This saw the director famously step away from Justice League mid-shoot to focus on spending more time with his family instead.

These artefacts from Man of Steel no doubt symbolize happier memories for Snyder, rather than those that followed on, and as he continues to share more on Vero, we’ll be sure to keep you posted.