Margot Robbie Reportedly Wants To Join Marvel’s X-Men


It’s hard to imagine the role of Harley Quinn played by anyone other than Margot Robbie. The charisma, charm (with just enough sarcasm), and complexity of the character are handled perfectly by Robbie when it comes to bringing Quinn to life. In Suicide Squad, Birds Of Prey, and The Suicide Squad — you always rooted for her character.

You wanted Quinn to overcome heartbreak, to survive the ‘suicide missions,’ to come out the other side a little wiser, albeit with a few more scars. Quinn is more than a love-sick villain, and Robbie gives her space to explore that.

Of course, the same truth is evident for each role Robbie takes on. From her role in The Wolf of Wall Street and her portrayal of Tonya Harding in I, Tonya to the adorable Flopsy Rabbit and Jane Porter in Peter Rabbit and The Legend of Tarzan, respectively, she can take on any film and bring her flair and talent to it.

While she’s cemented her spot as Harley Quinn in the DC realm, Giant Freakin Robot reports today that Robbie might have her eyes set on a role within the Marvel Universe.

Specifically, they say Robbie loves the X-Men and would jump at the chance to portray one of its members. Without other details, the idea is all that has been discussed right now, but with her drive and dedication to her craft, the MCU would be lucky to have her in its realm.

There have long been fan castings imagining Robbie as different characters within the X-Men universe. From Emma Frost to Jean Grey and even characters like Dazzler or Sue Storm — fans want to welcome her to the MCU as much as she’d like to be there.

Would you like to see Robbie join the MCU? Which X-Men character do you think she’d take on the best? Let us know in the usual place below!