Mark Hamill Jokes That He’s Down For A Child’s Play Sequel

Child's Play

The Child’s Play remake slashed its way into theaters this past summer, and star Mark Hamill – who voiced the deranged doll Chucky in the new movie – has already got a pitch for the sequel. In response to a viral tweet of a dog in an adorable Chucky costume, the actor replied: “If this is what they’re planning for a #ChildsPlay sequel… I’M IN!!!”

The new film definitely left the window open for a Child’s Play 2, as after Andy (Gabriel Bateman), his mother Karen (Aubrey Plaza) and detective Mike Norris (Brian Tyree Henry) finally destroyed Chucky, his consciousness was shown to have downloaded itself into another Buddi doll, hinting that he’d be coming after the Barclays again.

Director Lars Klevberg has also said that he would like to explore more of the other Kaslan toys and products going haywire in a sequel, including the bear edition Buddi dolls glimpsed in the first movie. It’s not a dog version of Chucky, but maybe the chance to voice some evil stuffed bears would still entertain Hamill.

All that being said, a follow-up to the remake has yet to be announced. The film’s box office gross wasn’t all that impressive, earning just $29 million domestically and $43 million worldwide, but the studio must’ve known what was going to happen when they put it up against Disney behemoth Toy Story 4. So, maybe it’s not out of the question that we could get more of Hamill’s twist on the iconic killer doll in a Child’s Play 2.