Mark Hamill Reveals The Pseudonym He Uses For Secret Star Wars Cameos

Star Wars Luke Jedi

The cat’s out of the bag! Last week, the finale episode of Disney Gallery: The Mandalorian revealed that Mark Hamill had a secret cameo in the first season of the hit Disney Plus show. The Luke Skywalker legend voiced EV-9D9, the droid bartender in episode 5, “The Gunslinger.” Hamill soon confirmed the easter egg on Twitter, further unveiling that he has secret cameos in all Star Wars movies outside the prequels.

In the same tweet, he said that the pseudonym he uses for these cameos was “Patrick Williams.” Hamill has since corrected his earlier mistake, though, revealing that the alias he’s credited under is actually “William M. Patrick,” a name derived from his two brothers. To keep an air of mystery, Hamill joked: “I’m not telling what the M stands for.”

Just so we’d believe him this time, the actor also provided his own receipts – screenshots of his nom de plume in the credits for Rogue One and Solo. 

Of course, we already knew about some of Hamill’s cameos in other movies, as he was diminutive Canto Bight gambler Dobbu Scay in The Last Jedi, for example, and Resistance ally Boolio in The Rise of Skywalker, both of which also saw him playing Luke, too. The actor also previously confirmed he has a role in The Force Awakens, which means he does have some lines in Episode VII, after all, even if Luke doesn’t.

Hamill’s pop-up part in The Mandalorian, meanwhile, was a small, if important, one. That EV model had previously appeared in Return of the Jedi, working for Jabba the Hutt, and its new employment in the Mos Eisley Cantina was a neat inversion of the establishment’s previous no-droids rule. It’s also fitting that what’s Hamill’s possible final Star Wars role should take place on Tatooine, where his journey with the saga began.