Mark Hamill Seemingly Ready To Begin Filming On Star Wars: Episode IX


Luke Skywalker is homeward bound, it seems.

Over on Instagram, Star Wars veteran Mark Hamill has been teasing his journey to London’s Pinewood Studios, where production on the so-far untitled Episode IX is already underway. At least, we think he is…

The Luke Skywalker actor is fond of a practical joke every once in a while – back at San Diego Comic-Con, Hamill fooled people into thinking that he was hiding beneath a Stormtrooper outfit, when in reality he was at home in Los Angeles. Which wouldn’t be the first time that he’s pulled a fast one. Just ask Kylo Ren.

Circling back to Star Wars: Episode IX, though, and it’s unclear what J.J. Abrams and writer Chris Terrio have planned for Luke Skywalker – all we know for sure is that they’ll be picking up the torch from Rian Johnson, whose Star Wars: The Last Jedi included one final sacrifice from the great and powerful Skywalker.

Where do things go from here? Frankly, we’re not sure, but at the very least, it looks as though Hamill is headed to the United Kingdom to reprise the role of everyone’s favorite Jedi Master. You can check out his photo below, which came with the caption: Leaving #MarvelousMalibu on the #MagicalMillieTour! Any guesses where we’re headed? Clue #1: #EastwardBound Stay tuned..

In honor of Obi-Wan’s famous line (“if you strike me down, I will become more powerful than you can possibly imagine”), chances are Luke Skywalker will assume the role of a Force Ghost as he guides Rey and the remnants of the Resistance to victory over the First Order.

Either way, Star Wars: Episode IX zooms into theaters on December 20th, and the latest rumor around town is that Lucasfilm may split J.J. Abrams’ trilogy-capper into two movies a la Harry Potter. It’s a stretch, of course, but it would certainly give Abrams more wiggle room as he closes the book on Lucasfilm’s Skywalker Saga.