Mark Ruffalo Reveals His All-Time Favorite MCU Scene


Though the role initially fell into the hands of Edward Norton, it wasn’t long before Mark Ruffalo placed his own green-tinted stamp on Hulk/Bruce Banner.

So much so, in fact, that Ruffalo is practically synonymous with Marvel‘s Jade Giant, and we can’t imagine any other actor in the role going forward – assuming Kevin Feige and Co. really decide to take his character forward, mind you. Because let’s face it: Ruffalo has racked up an enviable collection of big MCU moments, whether it’s the “that’s my secret, Cap – I’m always angry” line from The Avengers or evolving into Professor Hulk in time for Endgame.

On a more personal level, though, Mark Ruffalo named a different MCU scene entirely when he was asked about his all-time favorite Marvel movie moment. And we’ll give you a clue: it has something to do with shwarma. Here’s Ruffalo’s comments, straight from this weekend’s Tokyo Comic-Con:

When we shoot the Marvel films we’re like a family. And there’s a lot of laughter and we eat a lot of food. My favorite, probably, scene is when we were eating shwarma at the end of the first Avengers movie.

As you’ll no doubt remember, the famous ‘Shwarma Scene’ was a hidden bonus included at the tail-end of The Avengers, when Earth’s Mightiest Heroes celebrated their victory by indulging in some delicious Middle Eastern cuisine on Tony Stark’s recommendation. The fact that they’re still in their battle suits, and sitting amongst the rubble of New York City, really adds to the hilarity, so it should come as no surprise that this moment in question ranks as Ruffalo’s all-time favorite.

We’re hopeful that the actor still has many more Marvel scenes to look forward to – including, perhaps, a duel with Wolverine, so long as Ruffalo can convince Kevin Feige and the Powers That Be at Marvel HQ.