Mark Ruffalo on Kyle Rittenhouse trial: “Justice weeps bitterly today”

As Kyle Rittenhouse’s trial came to an end with five separate not guilt verdicts, many people across the world have been chiming in with their thoughts on the case, including famous celebrities. Rittenhouse was on trial for actions related to the fatal shooting of two men and wounding of another at an August 2020 Black Lives Matter protest in Kenosha, Wisconsin.

Among those today included horror legend Stephen King who stirred controversy by provocatively comparing Rittenhouse to a shooter from the Columbine High School massacre. Now, MCU’s very own Hulk, Mark Ruffalo, decided to weigh in as well in a thread over on Twitter.

“We come together to mourn the lives lost to the same racist system that devalues Black lives and devalued the lives of Anthony and JoJo…

After all we have seen and heard about these weapons of war, these killing machines, there is no doubt that people who faced this young man were more afraid of him than he was of them. He was the one with a weapon of war, loaded and ready to be used on people.”

He continued, discussing how people would continue to march just as they had on the night where the events that inspired Rittenhouse’s trial occurred. “Justice weeps bitterly today. We are coming together to heal the scars left by the wounds of this grief. We will care for each other and remember why we continue to march.”

Some of Ruffalo’s fans, including people who live in Wisconsin, joined in to show support of his statements. However, it seems that the results of the case have disheartened many, with one user saying, “I want to believe most of my fellow Wisconsinites feel like this, but it’s hard to keep believing that anymore.”

Some didn’t feel it was Ruffalo’s place to even comment at all and that he should stick to working on Marvel films.

He wasn’t the only Marvel star to comment on the trial either, with Dave Bautista saying quite literally, “F**k that kid!” in regards to Rittenhouse.

Ruffalo also called on his fans to donate to support the Black Lives Metter cause.