Mark Wahlberg To Produce A Movie About Hacking

Though he’s recently signed on to race between the feet of large transforming robots, screaming things in a Boston accent, Mark Wahlberg has also decided to produce an upcoming movie about hacking, yet to be titled. The movie is loosely based on an article that appeared in GQ called “The Hacker Is Watching”, which may or may not end up as the actual title for the flick, depending on who’s feeling lazy on that particular day.

Though he’s only signed on to produce, the mere presence of somebody like Mark Wahlberg might have you picturing somebody hacking/being hacked during a scene in which somebody drives a car recklessly through the streets of New York with explosions in the background, though this movie is actually a little more low-key: instead, it concerns a high school which becomes the target of some nasty hacker’s game, what with the student’s web-cams being used against them, among other things that will serve to embarrass people.

Jonathan Herman (who just wrote The Birds remake) will write the screenplay for said untitled hacking movie, which will presumably involve an entire student body’s intimate secrets coming out into the open through exposed email account hackings, and then – of course – there’s the obligatory scene in which a character’s webcam is hacked and a video of him or her masturbating is projected on a big screen in the auditorium or something. Because, c’mon, that’s why this movie is getting made.

What do you think? Interested in seeing a Mark Wahlberg-produced hacking movie (for some reason)?

Source: A.V. Club

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